M'ria's Mezzanine

Welcome to My Space IN BETWEEN...


I am a Visual Artist, working out of her home based studio in Plant City, Florida.  I primarily works in acrylic, and enjoy incorporating experimental mediums and techniques that change both the texture and application of paint.

I graduated with a BFA from The University of South Florida in 2013 And have learned much from various mentors over the years.

I have two Kids and An Amazing Husband. Denzel is in every sense of the Word A Painter's Cat and Spends late evenings/early Mornings critiquing my decisions in the Studio


Artist Statement

From traditional Acrylic on Canvas to Large Scale mural work and body painting; my work utilizes the female form as a vehicle to harness the visual language of expression, emotion and energy; a catalyst for experiencing emotion and visualizing movement.


Through Color, Line and Form; my work exposes and explores the climatic moment, where mental tangibility bisects the roots of emotion, in its most physical and visual states.


Synthesizing Emotion, Energy and Movement with Abstract Visions of the Female Form



Abstract Expressionist,Figurative Painter and Fiber Artist. “Come See” Live Painter & Body Painter; Plant City -:- St Pete Local