M'ria's Mezzanine

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Hello All and welcome to MY Mezzanine !

I graduated with a BFA from The University of South Florida in 2013, and work out of my home based studio in Plant City.

I primarily work in acrylic, yet love experimenting with application and other mediums, to build texture and form.

I consider myself an Abstract Figurative painter. Utilizing the female form as a vehicle to harness the visual language of expression, emotion and energy. My work morphs movement and fluidity into a layered existence, constructed through application and color, linking mindset to movement and paint application.

I have two kids, and an Amazingly supportive husband, Randy.

Denzel, is our rescue Cat, a painters' Cat in every sense of the word and spends late evenings critiquing my decisions in the studio.


Artist Statement

Using movement and motion as a basis for understanding and expressing human emotion; my work, utilizes the female form as a vehicle to harness the visual language of expression and through life unearth the subliminal reactions, humanity subconsciously endures. I distort the body to expose the roots of emotion in its most physical, and material state.  Through the contortion of form my work explores the states where mental  tangibility crosses; allowing for the exposure of mental sentiment via a visceral means. 

Synthesizing Emotion, Energy and Movement with Abstract Visions of the Female Form